The Science Behind CalmConnect™

by , | Dec 9, 2020 | Blog, Science

CalmConnect™ calms the nervous system and helps you get ready to learn and connect. There are many interventions that use music or movement to change behavior. CalmConnect™ is a patented, sensorimotor program that uses music, rhythmicity, patterns, repetition, emotion, and movement in a unique way, designed to increase compliance and effectiveness. By simultaneously engaging hearing, vision, cognition, motor sequencing and planning, and feeling (the limbic system), CalmConnect™ quickly activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) to increase calm and attention. 

CalmConnect™ uses a visceral ‘bottom-up’ approach to calm the lower brain and activate the PNS. There is no speech or language in the program; no directions, expectations, or instructions. The program actively uses the body to calm the nervous system and shut down the ‘fight or flight’ response. It activates the PNS, changing the body’s physiology and synchronizing the nervous system and brain by moving as it soothes with soft, reassuring, rhythmic tones and music. Once calm, the whole brain can now organize, regulate, empathize, and learn. 

In addition, CalmConnect™ operationalizes Matthew Lieberman and Naomi Eisenberger’s work on the physical pain of social rejection, Ami Klin and Warren Jones’ theory of audiovisual synchrony, and Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory, one of the most celebrated new developments in neurobiology. CalmConnect™ faces with eye contact and the expressive features of emotion, original music in the same frequency as the female voice, and simple gestures perfectly align with the positive social engagement elements identified by Porges. CalmConnect™ unique ability to “calm and connect” people of all ages works equally well at home, in the classroom, or in a clinic setting.


  • Roberta Scherf is a producer, writer, and speaker. Her own experience with Post-traumatic stress disorder and as the mother of a child with autism fueled her drive to understand the nervous system. Roberta’s curiosity, passion and commitment led to the design of an innovative non-pharmaceutical system that helps people to manage their own nervous system and behavior. She is the inventor of CalmConnect, the first patented behavioral health program to integrate music, patterns, the expressive features of emotion, and movement as part of a self-regulation program currently being used in thousands of school districts in the US and Canada, as well as therapy centers, hospitals, clinics, and homes around the world. She attended Carleton College and the University of Minnesota, studied Speech and Hearing Science, Psychology, and Russian, and spent years working with non-profit organizations. Roberta is the Co-Founder of PrioHealth LLC, and contributor to the book, “Optimizing Learning Outcomes: Proven Brain-Centric, Trauma-Sensitive Practices,” edited by Dr. William Steele, (Routledge, 2017).

  • As the co-creator of CalmConnect and co-founder of PrioHealth LLC, Chris Bye has spent more than ten years developing programs to regulate the nervous system. He completed his undergraduate work at Gustavus Adolphus College and his graduate work at UW-Madison and has a background in music and human development. He has taught numerous classes at UW-Madison, UW-River Falls, and the University of St.Thomas, including Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. As a featured speaker, he has presented at numerous conferences and seminars on topics ranging from integrating movement and music into the classroom, reducing anxiety and depression in people of all ages, and using tools to help those struggling with a variety of challenges. One of the founders of the Fly Fishing Film Festival in River Falls, Wisconsin, Chris serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Kinni River Land Trust, and as an Officer with the MN Grouse Dog Association.